Become Your Own Bank


Grow Your Wealth, Protect Your Family, Get out of Debt

Many people struggle financially due to a number of factors which we discuss below.  Our goal is to help you become successful with your money and achieve your financial goals in the shortest time possible, without taking unnecessary risks. 

Banks – Most people put their money in a bank as soon as they receive it - either in a checking account, a savings account, or a CD.  In recent years, interest rates have been very low, so these accounts don't pay much interest, but do charge hefty monthly fees. 

Debt – Most people get into debt from the time they go to the University to study and get a degree.  They first acquire student loans. Then as time goes by they get some credit card debt. Then a car loan. And lastly a home mortgage. Before they know it they are deep in debt and spend about 30-40% of their income on interest payments. Yet despite all their best efforts, the debts never seem to go down. This creates a sense of frustration, anxiety and stress. 

Investments – Most people are told that the best way to save for their retirement is to put money away in a retirement account like a 401(k), IRA or some other similar plan.  They are led to believe that the stock market always goes up over the "long term".  The problem is that every decade it seems the economy goes through a crisis and our account takes a hit. We then have to wait for the market to recover to get back to even. 

Life Insurance – Most people get a life insurance policy with the desire of protecting their family should anything happen to them.  Some get term insurance because it's cheap and because some guru told them to "invest the difference" in mutual funds. The problem is that as they age, this form of insurance gets more and more expensive until someday people drop it because it is no longer affordable.  And if they didn't save or if their investments didn't do so well, they may not have a large enough nest egg to retire with.  Other people get an insurance that is supposed to be permanent like an IUL or a whole life policy, but this can be pretty expensive.   

The Problem - As we have seen, the majority of people are hoping to save, pay off debt, invest for the long term, and protect their family.  Yet they do it by spreading their money out with multiple financial institutions, none of which talks to the other.  People are hoping their investments go up while at the same time the money they owe is costing them thousands in interest, yet the money they are putting into savings, investments and life insurance is not helping them achieve their financial goals.  This money is largely unavailable and either pays little interest or is subject to the ups and downs of the market.  What if there was a better way?

The Solution - By learning to Become Your Own Bank, you can achieve all your goals using the same money.  You can save, protect your family, and at the same time use your money to get out of debt or invest, based on whatever makes the most sense.  By focusing your money in one place, you are able to harness the power of your money to work for you, not for other financial institutions.  This will help you achieve more peace of mind, control over your money, and at the same time will help reduce the stress, and anxiety of feeling like your money is not doing much for you. This will help improve your health, relationships, and will put you in a place where you can enjoy your money throughout all phases of your life, but especially when you are getting ready to retire. 

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