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Protect Your Family


Most people who purchase life insurance do so with the goal of protecting their family should anything ever happen to them.  Yet many times the amount and type of protection they have is either temporary, inadequate or expensive. In many cases, it offers little or no access to the cash they have paid in. And in the worst case scenario could fail to deliver on its primary promise when you need it most if the premiums go up more than what you can afford. In this seminar you will learn how to be sure you have adequate coverage, how to know if what you have will live up to your expectations, and how to make the most of this tool while you are alive and not just once you pass on.  Life insurance should not be there only for the death benefit.  We will show you how you can enjoy adequate growing protection along with many living benefits.

Grow Your Wealth


Most people are taught to believe that the best way to grow their wealth is to rely on traditional investment options like mutual funds, stocks or real estate.  They are also taught to depend on retirement vehicles like 401(k)'s, and IRAs to save and provide for their retirement.  Yet these instruments offer no guarantees, limited access to your money, have annual fees, and are subject to the ups and downs of market forces.  In the end they offer no security and could end up being insufficient to provide for your golden years.  Most of these plans are also subject to uncertainty regarding future tax rates. In this seminar we show you an alternative option that can allow you to save consistently, and can help you grow your wealth in a more predictable way that has stood the test of time.

Become Your Own Bank


Banks typically pay depositors very little interest yet charge borrowers very high interest rates.  Over their lifetime people will end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to banks to finance their major purchases including their homes, autos and college education.  In this seminar we will show you how you can replace banks in your life over time by learning how to become your own banker.  This is a strategy which can enable you to keep the interest you would have otherwise paid to banks. By applying this strategy consistently over time, your wealth can grow and multiply considerably and you can take back control of your life by learning and controlling the banking function. 




A plan that is right for you

In our initial meeting our goal is to get to know you to better understand where you are right now and what you need most. Depending on your situation, we can customize a plan that is right for you. For some this could mean create a plan to help you become debt free. For others it may be to protect their family and leave a legacy in case they pass away unexpectedly. For others, we can provide innovative investment solutions that help them grow their wealth or provide a reliable income. And for others we can help them maximize their wealth to leave a heritage for future generations.



We create a customized plan

Many people struggle all their life with many forms of debt – credit cards, student loans, car loans, and mortgages. They end up paying tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime, which could have made them wealthy. We create a customized plan that helps our clients become debt free ASAP.  We design strategies that help people take control of their money and their life so that their money goes to work for them instead of making someone else rich.



Integrated solution

Most people want to be financially free and have it all – save, invest, insure, grow a business, and pay off debt at the same time – but do not know how. We believe you need an integrated solution that will allow you to protect your family, plan for your future, finance your major purchases, and at the same time recapture all the interest and fees you are currently paying to many financial institutions. We do this by creating a plan based on a specially designed permanent life insurance policy that creates a financial foundation and provides financial protection, acts as a savings plan, and as a guaranteed line of credit. We call this Your Wealth Heritage Plan. You can use this to become debt free faster, fund your children’s college education, finance all of your major purchases, invest in opportunities, grow your business, use this as a retirement vehicle, and in the end leave an inheritance to your loved ones.

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